Welcome to the Sweet-and-Savory 16. In 4 rounds, we’ll drill down to the grand champion of sauce. The journey starts now. 

Prizes range from $25 gift cards to any entrant who selects the winning champion, to Free Slims for a Year to any entrant with a perfect bracket. Winning sauces for each round are selected at random via Facebook Live—may the odds be ever in your flavor.

Fill out your selection below by checking the box or clicking on the sauce logo. Fill out the entire bracket to be eligible and only select one sauce per matchup.
Official Rules


PLEASE TUNE IN TO https://facebook.com/slimchickens

Round 1 matchups – 2PM central, March 22, 2017
Round 2 matchups – 2PM central, March 24, 2017
Round 3 matchups – 2PM central, March 29, 2017
Championship matchup – 2PM central, March 31, 2017