Show us how you order your Slims Plate by using the hashtag #MySlimsPlate on instagram.


You can design your own sneakers, why not customize your Slims Plate, just how you like it. Even our most loyal fans don’t know, there are endless variations for customizing your Slims Plate. We challenge you to make it your own.

Order your Slims Plate just how you like it.

Snap a photo of your Slims Plate masterpiece.

Tag it using #MySlimsPlate and upload to Instagram.

Slimthusiasts know their options:

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[vc_pie label_value=”ADVANCED” color=”white” el_class=”.pie”]

Swap your fries for a different side.

[vc_pie value=”100″ label_value=”Slimthusiast” color=”white” el_class=”.pie”]

Your tenders shaken in wing sauce.

Which camp are you in?

Get creative with your Slims Plate. Check out the many combinations that will make your taste buds sing.

SOME Slimthusiasts concoctions

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Mary’s Slims Plate

“Grilled tenders, potato salad, honey mustard and Slim Sauce”

Erin’s Slims Plate

“Fried tenders & shaken in hot wing sauce, fries, blue cheese and Slim Sauce”

Mike’s Slims Plate

“Grilled tenders shaken in mango habanero, slaw, with cayenne ranch and teriyaki “

Gary’s Slims Plate

“Tenders fried and shaken in teriyaki, fries, BBQ and ranch”

Bobby’s Slims Plate

“Tenders grilled and fried, mac & cheese, Slim Sauce and cayenne ranch”


The Slims Plate is where it all started for us, when we were on a mission for a simple handmade meal with fresh, better chicken. Today, the Slims Plate is still our core meal, over 10 years later.